At Hawes Side Academy our vision is to be a place where everyone matters, everyone succeeds.  ​

We believe in empowering our community with the knowledge, skills and understanding to develop into empathic, well-balanced global citizens. ​

We strive to do this through an ambitious curriculum for all that is lived out in every aspect of our daily school life.​

It is our mission to do this through the promotion of community, learning and creativity in harmony. ​



At Hawes Side Academy, we value our community and are committed to working closely with parents, families and outside agencies to ensure we meet every child’s individual needs, both educational and pastoral in a safe, happy and caring environment.  


We are constantly striving to better how we reach out to our community.  We make sure lines of communication are kept open through our open-door policy, newsletter, texting service, website and parents’ evenings.   We welcome the views and opinions of all our community and offer a variety of formal and informal ways of collecting these e.g. community café, parents’ drop ins and parent council.   Within the academy, the children’s voice is heard through a range of forums such as the school council, the Eco council, teaching and learning group and prefects’ meetings.  



Learning is at the core of everything we do.  We want to ensure that our children not only achieve well academically but also develop skills that will serve them beyond their formal education and into adult life.   To do this we aim to provide a fully inclusive curriculum that is both vibrant and relevant together with a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities. We employ the best possible staff and provide training and networking opportunities to further their professional development. We believe that providing the best possible resources and offering a diverse range of opportunities will stimulate the children’s learning and promote enquiry. 



We believe that creativity is crucial to our community.  The fast moving pace of change means the work place of tomorrow will look entirely different for our children in the future.   The demand for flexibility, problem solving and imagination means we need to work closely with pupils to help them develop the skills they will need to be successful.   Creativity also means thinking about new and exciting ways to inspire and motivate the children, something teachers are constantly striving for.   Through such an approach, we aim to fire the children’s imaginations and give them a love of learning which will serve them throughout their lives. 



For all the above to happen it is essential that we work together in harmony in an atmosphere of transparency, fairness and openness that allows everyone to feel secure, respected and valued; everyone matters, everyone succeeds.     


Our core values of relationships, respect, resilience, reflection, responsibility help us to achieve our vision. 


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