Welcome from our hardworking and dedicated team

Senior Leadership

Principal:  Mrs Caroline Boothroyd

Vice Principal:  Mrs Julie Barr

Assistant Principal:  Mrs Marianne Beckett

Business Manager:  Mrs Becky Foxton


Phase Leaders

Foundation Stage:  Mrs Helen Latham

Phase 1 (year 1 and 2):  Mrs Laura Garratt

Phase 2 (year 3 and 4):  Mrs Kirsty Randles

Phase 3 (year 5 and 6):  Mrs Annette Conuel

Foundation  (FS) Stage Teacher                  FS Nursery Nurses  

Mrs Helen Latham

Mr Alex Fleckney

Mrs Hayley Gray

Miss Marie Allan

Mrs Gill Boon

Mrs Sarah Wallace

Mrs Emma MacFarlane


Phase 1 (year 1 & 2) Teachers Phase 1 Support Staff

1H:  Miss Hollie Lee

1S:  Mrs Genna Harrop

1A:  Mrs Laura Garratt

2H: Mrs Lyndsay Black

2S:  Mrs Caroline Molville/Mrs Helen Treanor

2A:  Miss Chloe Heald


Miss Tracy Atherton

Miss Natalie Bell

Mrs Pam Emmett

Mrs Carole Pemberton

Miss Natalie Pugh

Miss Justine Warren



Phase 2 (year 3 & 4) Teachers                              Phase 2/3 Support Staff

3H:  Mrs Kirsty Randles

3S:  Mrs Victoria Ward

3A:  Mrs Jane Hope/Ms Remy Hayden

4H:  Mrs Philippa Cartwright

4S:  Mrs Bethany Hodgkinson

4A:  Mrs Claire Twiss

Mrs Tina Ashworth

Mrs Andrea Bean

Mrs Caroline Black

Mrs Lesley Clark

Mrs Carol Kneale

Mrs Carol Moriarty

Mrs Angie Scott

Mrs Helen Treanor

Mrs Patricia Webb

Mrs Juli Wiseman




Phase 3 (year 5 & 6) Teachers             PPA Teachers

5H:  Mrs Hannah Hindle

5S:  Mr Ashley Dawson

5A:  Mrs Annette Conuel

6H:  Mr Jason Coffey

6S:  Miss Louise Lillie

6A:  Mrs Rebecca Wright

Miss Georgina Mills

Mr Jon Barras


Inclusion Team

SENDCO (maternity leave):  Miss Jenny Ward

Assistant SENDCO:  Mrs Laura Greenhalgh

Pastoral:  Mrs Julie Fleckney

Designated Safeguarding Lead:  Mrs Marianne Beckett

In Miss Ward's absence, Mrs Barr is acting SENDCO



Business Support Finance:  Mrs Sue Scholes

Business Support Pupil Relations:  Mrs Lynsey Haley-Davis


Facilities Team

Facilities Manager:  Mr Neil Walls

Assistant Facilities Manager:  Mrs Sharon McDonnell

Facilities, Cleaning Team:  Mrs Maria Philbeam, Mrs Jacqueline Beaton, Mrs Rosa Hogg, Mrs Rachel Ward & Miss Kyla Simon

Mini Bus Drivers:  Mr Peter Crouch and Mr Paul Norton



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