Keeping in touch

At Hawes Side Academy we value our close links with parents, carers and family members.  We work hard to develop these links, as we know that working in partnership with home will help our children succeed to the best of their ability.

We continually offer opportunities for parents, carers and family members to come into the academy, we host family assemblies, open classrooms and learning together opportunities as part of our curriculum offer.

We also run regular Community Cafés, Parent Council meetings and PTFA meetings to provide opportunities to discuss academy related issues or simply get involved in academy life.

In order to keep communication lines open our office team are available from 8.30 until 4.00 p.m. each day.

Our app (search for Hawes Side Academy on your app store) and website are our main line of communication and we also ask parents to regularly check our 'News' pages for updates.  We will also use our App and a weekly newsletter to provide as many opportunities for parents to access information as possible. Occasionally we may also use a text service to keep parents informed.


Parent/Carer Consultation Meetings

At least twice an academic year we invite you to meet with class teacher to have a formal discussion about your child's progress.  We strongly advise that you make the time to attend these meetings as we feel they are valuable to mutually support your child and the academy with the learning journey.  

To book these we use the Arbor portal.  Below is a guide on how to secure your booking once dates and times become available.


Parent volunteers

We value any time parents, carers or family members can spare to help in classrooms and around the academy and encourage help from home with various aspects of learning in school. 

We welcome applications to volunteer within the academy throughout the year.  Mrs Lillie (Volunteer Coordinator) is the main contact at the academy in connection with volunteering.

Those who wish to join the academy as a volunteer will also require satisfactory Enhanced DBS clearance.

To view our current policy in relation to Volunteers and other academy policies please click here

Parental Engagement




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