We are proud of the performing arts opportunities we offer for our children. From Musical theatre to music lesson and of course performance.



All children will get to experience music in all its form.  Writing melodies together, experimenting with different music genres like rap and how to use harmonies.

Discovering music and performance through the decades allows the children to engage in different styles of music and performance as well as understanding about music history both in the UK and worldwide.

Through lesson offered by 'wider opps' (wider opportunities for music) children can learn to play an instrument in school, whether this be the ukulele or the voice!  We utilise the extensive resources of Upbeat Rock Academy so that children get a fully immersive musical experience.  Click here to listen to class 4H perform a popular tune!  Class 4S have been involved with a 'Shake it Off' project.  They are very impressive with their rendition of this popular Taylor Swift song.  Click here to hear the 'Swifties'

We encourage creativity and were wowed by Lucas in Year 6 who has rapped his way to potential Christmas number 1 (well at least at Hawes Side).  Click here to listen


"The articulate, trained voice is more distracting than mere noise"



We realise that not everyone feels comfortable performing but through joint support and directed teaching we hope that children build on their confidence so that they have the ability to perform, in some way, with their peers. These performances could be in assembly, for the local community or for a wider audience at venues such as the Winter Gardens or the Grand Theatre.

Schools Alive 2024, was a great success, with many schools performing at the Opera House Winter Gardens.  We were exceptionally proud of our Hawes Side performers who did a spectacular ensemble to the music of Mulan.  Click here to listen to the stirring music and wonderful vocals. 

You can view the video below:

Click here to find out what performance opportunities children have here at our academy

"Acting is magical.  Change your look and attitude, and you can be anyone" Alicia Witt


Extra-curricular activities

To advance your child's experience in performing arts we offer a differing range of extra curricular clubs such as:

Dance Club

Schools Alive


Music Technology

Percussion Club


Music Tuition

If you are interested in your child pursuing instrumental tuition outside of school time then why not visit  Blackpool Music Services or Up Beat for more information.


Performing Arts Curriculum Overview


"The purpose of arts education is not to produce more artists, though that is a by product.  The real purpose of arts education is to create complete human beings capable of leading successful and productive lives." Dana Gioia, Stanford University, US


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