At Hawes Side Academy our aim is to make the most of every child's ability and potential. Each individual matters and everyone should have the opportunity to achieve and to contribute to the life of the academy.

We consider it important that children enjoy learning, are willing to work hard and concentrate on a variety of interesting, challenging tasks. We teach children to observe, think and to understand, thereby making them more aware of themselves, their surroundings and others.

Much time and effort is given to achieving continuity in order to allow each child to move easily and successfully from stage to stage. To this end all teachers plan the curriculum thoroughly in year teams.

We believe that the curriculum should be based on five needs, which every child has:

  • To communicate with other people in order to
    • develop relationships.
    • control and order thinking.
    • interpret and express ideas and experiences
  • To understand the environment, to appreciate the influences that affect their lives and to understand distant environments in time and place
  • To be creative and to appreciate the creative expression of others
  • To interpret experience and to consider questions concerning meaning and value in life
  • To develop an awareness of self and an understanding of the need for the care and protection of mind and body

Each need is met by elements of our curriculum. The aim is to give children a broad and balanced curriculum that is matched to their needs and relevant to their lives. They will learn a wide range of skills, concepts and bodies of knowledge. The academy has adopted a creative approach to the curriculum focusing on transferable skills with exciting learning opportunities. Foundation subjects are linked into topic work to maximise the children’s learning.

The National Curriculum Core subjects are:




The National Curriculum Foundation subjects are:



Design Technology





Physical Education

In addition we also teach Religious Education as is statutory and PSHE

For more information about the curriculum followed at Hawes Side Academy see our 'Curriculum Maps' and 'Helping you child to learn' pages.

Our Curriculum

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