As our children move through school the values of our academy become embedded in our behaviours.  These core values are the tools to equip our children for the future, on how they approach school life, home life and eventually work life. 

When pupil's reach Year 6 they have the opportunity to apply to become part of the Pupil Leadership and have a pupil voice, represent the academy and our academy values: Responsibility, Respect, Relationships, Resilience and Reflection.


Meet the Team


Principal Pupil

H Class: Freddie    S Class:  Jorja    A Class:  Kaitlyn

Pupil Leadership 2023/24 (Principal Pupil)





My name is Freddie, Principal Pupil for Class 6H.  I like my time at Hawes Side, in particular playtime on the MUGA because there's basketball, hoops and football.  I love football, watching it and playing it and when I leave school would like to be a professional footballer and play for Manchester United.


My name is Jorja and I am Principal Pupil for class 6S.  Hawes Side is a welcoming school where all teachers are helpful and caring.  I enjoy the way the lessons are taught because teachers make sure we understand what we are learning about.  Maths and art are my favourite subjects.  Outside of school I like spending time at the beach because it has a lot of happy memories.  I like to explore the sea creatures and the things that have been washed up on the shore.  When I leave school my dream job is to be an acrobatic stunt woman in the circus.


My name is Kaitlyn, Principal Pupil for class 6A.  In my role as Principal I want to support others and what I enjoy about being a pupil at Hawes Side because everyone is friendly.    I like art, PE and geography and love to learn about different places around the world.  My favourite thing is football and to play as part of the team and when I leave school would like to play for Liverpool.


Vice Pupil

H Class:  Jack    A Class:  Ruby    S Class:  Scarlett

Vice Pupil Leadership 23/24 (Vice Principal)





My name is Jack and I am Vice Pupil for class 6H.  At Hawes Side people help each other to try to succeed.  The staff are so kind and helpful.  My favourite thing to do is Taekwondo and I have been doing it now for five years and I am about to do my grading for black belt.  When I leave school I would like to be a dentist and to help ensure people have healthy teeth and in my spare time be a Master in Taekwondo.


My name is Ruby and I am Vice Pupil for class 6A.  I really enjoy English because I like writing and I also love art and I am very creative.  My favourite thing is to draw and I like to get my thoughts down on paper and draw pictures of people.  When I grow up I would like a career as a teacher or a police officer because just like here at Hawes Side, you can treat everyone equally and are supported.


My name is Scarlett and I am Vice Pupil for class 6S.  My favourite lessons are history and geography.  I like learning about the past and how things are different today.  In geography I enjoy learning about Earth.  At Hawes Side the lessons are challenging but fun and we learn a lot.  The teachers help with our understanding as well as our learning.  My dream job is to be a solicitor and helping lots of families in court.  Outside of school life I love looking after and riding my three horses Kiwi, Sally and Seren.  All year round I show them in competitions and I have met lots of new people.


Office Assistants: These are a selection of responsible young people who are entrusted to run errands around the academy for the office team.  They assist in delivering messages and post and they all represent the academy values when undertaking their role.  These young people are:

Dolly, Macey, Kelsie, Imogen, Matilda and Jameson


Lunchtime Assistants:  Lunchtimes at the academy are exceptionally busy and these young people have been chosen because they are respectful of the role they have and of course represent all our values.  They undertake all manner of roles from helping serve drinks and supporting the Welfare team.  These young people are:

Mia, Lily-Rose, Lacey, Anna, Amelia and Charlie


KS1 Play Leader:  These resourceful children are using their relationship skills to engage and play with the children in year 1 and year 2.  They help make playtimes fun.  These young people are:

AJ, Alfie, Jack, Izzy, Olivia and Millie


Librarians: We are very proud of our library and these responsible young people use their organisation skills to help support Mrs Randles to ensure our library is accessible to all pupils.  these young people are:

Skyla, Emilia, Lucas, Ronnie, Lily, Sham, Jayden and Dexter


ICT:  Technology is a very important part of everyday life and our young people are prolific in their IT skills and are resourceful and resilient when solving IT problems.  Meet the young people that are helping support ICT in the academy so it is available to everyone, no matter their level of ability and confidence:

Millie, Lennox, Hallie and Poppy


Year 6 Assistants:  These young people are respectful and responsible and have been entrusted by the Year 6 teachers to represent all the academy values when undertaking roles given to them by the Year 6 teaching team.  These young people are:

Tilly, Daisie, Ruben and Jessie

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