Starting in September, Hawes Side Academy will be using the Parent Portal and Arbor app to communicate with parents.

The app will allow parents to connect with Parent Portal from their phone or any other device, meaning you can check on how your child is doing from anywhere.

For pupils to succeed, parents and our school have to work together. By launching the Arbor app at Hawes Side Academy, we will be able to share information and communicate more efficiently than ever before, while also giving our parents more control over their and their children’s data via Parent Portal.

Using the app, parents and carers will be able to register their child for a club or trip, book parents evening slots, and manage payments all from their phone or computer.

More information about how to get set up and start using the app will be sent to every parent, and you can also read more information about how to use it here:

In addition, the app will also help parents keep key information, such as medical information, or emergency contacts, as up to date as possible.