We are now coming to the end of our second week since the school closed. I hope this message finds you safe and well. I want to thank you for your support with children accessing the academy only when needed, this is a measure to help limit the spread of the virus. For those of you at home, I understand how challenging it may be and how every family’s situation is very different. I want you to know that the home learning should not be adding to these pressures. Having a primary school aged child myself, I know what a juggle it has been carrying on working as your Principal, but also supporting him as a mum. I know that there are parents/carers who are juggling work too or may have been ill and/or are worried about family members and friends that they cannot see; we need to consider the mental health and well-being of everyone during this period of isolation. For this reason, we set out the home leaning as something you could use to fit in with your day, I would not expect more than an hour or two, if you wish to do more that’s great too. It is themed each week so that if you have more than one child in the house the projects can be done together. Remember, if you need support with the home learning you can contact us through the email address homelearning@hawes-side.co.uk and someone will get back to you. We also send out fresh ideas/activities you can try through our app throughout the week. Even though we have sent out the home learning packs as a way of the children remembering the learning they have done in class, the most valuable and rewarding thing you can do is spend time with your children together as a family. Playing games is great for this, they can have an English or maths focus such as Scrabble, Boggle, Yahtzee and paper games such as Hangman and good old fashioned cards and dominoes. Baking is also a great activity to do if you can get hold of flour! I imagine we will be producing a generation of chefs and bakers for the years to come. If you need any help with any of these ideas just email our home learning address. Playing games is a more relaxed way for the children to learn whilst having fun with you. What I will finish with, something that I cannot recommend highly enough, is to sit and read together. It doesn’t matter who reads, you may even take it in turns. If you are running out of books at home there are lots on line and we have put  links to websites on our app - if there is one thing to make time for in the day please make it be thisWith everything that is happening it is easy for us to forget that it is Easter next week so we will not be uploading learning pack three until the following week. If you do want to carry on with activities and you are stuck for ideas we have put some links and ideas on the website  (the Hawes Side Challenges are great fun) to help with this.


Happy Easter everyone and please remember, above all, have fun together and be safe!